A message from our students

We asked students from Grade 3 to Grade 6 what they love about Toolangi Primary School:

We created collages of our favourite spaces at school, inspired by Jeannie Baker.


Don’t you think every child needs to learn about outside. We got lots of animals that you can learn with our awesome gardening teacher Jules, and we can build awesome cubbies with all the sticks and leaves around our school.


Being in a bush school means lots of amazing spots to build cubbies.  Building cubbies helps to learn how to work in a team, how to tie knots and how to build something from scratch.  Cubbies are also great in winter, as the inside stays warm on the cold days.  When it’s raining, if you have sealed the roof you can stay inside the cubby and not get wet.  If you don’t want to build a cubby being in the bush means lots of shade to sit under,  so you can read or just relax, it’s just like a cubby but with no walls.  Being able to build a cubby teaches your child skills that will help them throughout life.

My favourite place at Toolangi is low on the ground, looking out over the fence. Lauren.


Our school is a bush school. There are lots of native animals in the garden. There are tadpoles, spiders, ants and lizards in the veggie garden and wallabies, possums and wombats throughout the school. They are good for learning about the life-cycle and they are wild and free. They are cute too.

My favourite place at Toolangi is the music room because i love music. Waratsaya.


Would you like to know your teachers? At a small school you get a lot of time to connect with your teachers. For example, when learning piano you are just in a room with you and your teacher and you are free to laugh; it’s a lot of fun. In our classroom if you need help your teacher will give you their time to focus to you. If you were at a bigger school you would not get as much time because there are more kids and it can get really crazy. Let’s say you are sad and don’t know what to do- your teacher will help you and make sure you have enough time. At a big school you don’t get all this time with your teacher, so if you want to know them, then a small school is the right choice.


In a small school you get lots of opportunities. In a small school you go on lots of excursions, like swimming, athletics day and kayaking. In a small school you get a turn in most things like sport and sometimes you get more than one turn. In a small school you do lots of subjects like art and gardening. So that’s why in a small school you get lots of opportunities.

My favourite place at Toolangi is the pirate ship. Otis.


Are small schools better than big schools? Definitely! A small school means it is a smaller building but a medium playground. We have lots of trees here. The trees are SO amazing because they give us fresh air and shade. Our school is like a tower in the trees! That is why Toolangi Primary School is the best school EVER!

My favourite place at Toolangi is the soft grassy area. Poppy.


At Toolangi Primary School, we have a small, adventurous, bushy school.

Why should you choose a small school?

At Toolangi primary, it is a beautiful small school and i really enjoy going to school every day. Everybody knows everyone and if everyone knows each other, then that makes everyone friends. We are almost like cousins which means there are no bullies because everyone is friends. Another one of my reasons are because the school is small, that if you want help from your teacher they will come over to you before you can even put your hand down. The school grounds are so big that if you want to play a game and someone has gotten to your venue before you, there are heaps of other great places to play.

Every day is an adventure at Toolangi Primary School because every day of the week is a new adventure.

On Monday we have garden science in the kitchen or the garden. Whether it’s looking at life cycles, flowers, carbon etc. it is always fun and adventurous.

On Tuesday we have MARC van which comes from Gruyere Primary School and is connected with other schools in the area. We have it in the morning with our teacher Catherine, who makes the time go quickly.

On Wednesday we have a lady called Amanda come to our school who teaches us the usual things but whilst she is here, our other teacher catches up on admin.

On Thursday we have physical education which is a lot of fun. Our teacher is also responsible for most of the activities we do during the year such as the ski trip, camp, swimming carnival, kayaking, athletics day and more.

On Friday we have art. In art we look at common and not so common artists or if we are doing something else in the classroom, we will incorporate it into our art.

Finally, the bush. Our school is very close to forestry bush so there are heaps of huge, beautiful trees. Therefore being close to bush you hear all the amazing sounds. If there is a school BBQ or some reasons you are at school when it is dark, you can see possums in the ground of our play area.

So these are the reasons who our small bushy, adventurous school is a great school.

My favourite place to play is under the beautiful trees. Rosie.