Our school is ‘alive’ with the richness of music and the opportunities it brings.  It is embedded in our daily lives and very much a part of our thinking.

The Victorian Curriculum has highlighted the importance of music and dance in the primary school, thus solidly supporting what we do so well.   Music is taught daily F-6 as one group and made an integral part of community festivities and school events.


It provides the opportunity to teach dance and drama as per the Victorian Curriculum.  In this way younger children are guided and nurtured while older children can contribute to choreographing in dance sequences, as well as composition and improvisation in music performance.

Children use the confidence and expression they develop in music classes in the classroom for other activities such as oral presentations from show and tell in the junior class to power points in the senior class, as well as counting, poetry and physical education.

Since our last review the children have:

  • Continued to attend various performances at the Arts Centre Melbourne
  • Performed in our community Christmas Concert with each year building in group skill level and individual items
  • Performed in tuned percussion ensembles for groups such as Healesville Lions Club
  • Performed at our school harvest festival – this year we focussed on dance.

This Year 5/6 children joined with the combined primary choir for NEVE performance at Hamer Hall.  Four of our senior children auditioned successfully to perform a small item at this concert.

It is also a reflection of our program and the joy it brings that 3 of our 5 exiting year 6 children auditioned and received solo parts for their High School stage show.

We have received donations to purchase instruments and resources for our music program.  With some of this children were able to take part in African drumming lesson which had all children engaged and succeeding.