In our senior class we have been exploring podcasting as a means for sharing information. We carefully select appropriate podcasts for our students, and we encourage families to enjoy these podcasts with children. They can be accessed directly from these links, or you will also be able to find them in your own podcasting service. These podcasts are all free and do not require sign-in or registering accounts.

History of ‘stuff’- https://www.brainson.org/pages/foreverago

Curious questions- from lost cities to flu vaccines to why we like to get scared: https://www.brainson.org/

Smash Boom Best- Podcast series exploring some interesting debates. You can listen to each side of the debate and then vote yourself- https://www.brainson.org/pages/smashboombest


Australian questions and interesting answers (ethical, hypothetical and philosophical conversations) https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/shortandcurly/series-7/9911570