Principal’s Message

Andrew Bagnall:

I am thankful to Kay Rowe, the outgoing Principal for the incredible school culture and community she has fostered over the past 13 years. Toolangi Primary School is a unique, outstanding small school due to the commitment and hard work of a dedicated Principal, caring and professional teachers, and a community of parents who deeply value their child’s formative educational years.

Toolangi Primary School is a special place to be. The grounds at our school are carefully maintained by locals who ensure our children have a beautiful, natural environment with which to play in and explore. The sense of calmness and order is immediate when one walks down the path from our rotunda.

Within the school, we are fortunate to have an incredible musician in Tess, our Junior Class teacher who fosters a love for music and singing daily with all students. Tess’ classroom space is a calm, safe, peaceful environment in which children can feel comfortable to learn and play. An appreciation for the aesthetics is evident in the way Tess uses natural, purposeful fibres and resources with her students as they learn to explore the world around them. This sense of calm is unique and special for children who deserve a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn and grow.

Our school science program is place based and has been developed around our school vegetable garden. Julia works with each class once a week to investigate our natural world and to build connections between the way we interact and the impact this has on our environment.

Regular events in the school year celebrate the ethos and philosophy that underpins learning and the school. I am looking forward to the annual Harvest Festival in March to celebrate the beautiful produce grown with care in our gardens, the music students have been practicing as part of the celebration, and the opportunity to get together with our school community to enjoy the end of a season and the beginning of a new one.

As you will read, horticulture, music and the arts provide a rich tapestry for exploring our world whilst a strong focus on being literate and numerate enables us to communicate and make sense of our world. Our students are kind, thoughtful, caring and friendly because we have teachers, families and community members that appreciate the commitment required to navigate these important, influential years of learning.

If you would like to know more, please make contact with us and we would be more than happy to show you our amazing learning environment.