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School Motto 

‘Every Child by Name and Need’

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Vision Statement 

At Toolangi Primary School we cultivate curious and innovative young minds. We encourage a life-long passion for learning through the promotion of academic excellence, communication skills, and creativity. We engage in individualised teaching and learning, in a beautiful natural environment that enables us to maximise the academic achievement and wellbeing of every student.


School Structure & Staffing


Students at Toolangi Primary school are organised into 2 learning spaces 

Junior school:  Foundation - Year 2 

Senior school: Year 3 - Year 6

Toolangi Primary school has an enthusiastic and committed staff comprising of: 1 Principal class, 1 Business Manager (0.4), 1 full time teaching staff member, 1 teaching staff member (0.2), 1 Education Support staff (0.2) and 3 part time specialists including Physical Education, Art and MARC (Mobile Area resource centre).


English and Mathematics are our core business.  We are committed to achieving academic excellence and enabling all students to reach their full potential.  Through small class sizes, individual learning plans and flexible learning options tailored to meet the individual needs of our students we strive to increase student outcomes in these core learning areas.  


In the areas of English, we implement the frameworks of CAFE for reading and VCOP for writing with an emphasis on phonological awareness in the Junior school.  

Mathematical approaches include a focus on inquiry, knowledge and skill-building whilst fostering a mindset of mathematical curiosity and creativity. 


We recognise that there must be a balance between academic and social development and prioritise the establishment of a calm, engaging and student centred learning environment with a focus on the education of the ‘whole child’.

Our Learning Philosophy

Our Teaching and Learning model is an integral part of the way in which teachers teach and students learn. The Gradual Release of Responsibility (I do, We do,You do) is a framework that focuses on an intentional shift from teachers modelling, to joint responsibility between teachers and students in the form of guided practice to independent practice and application by the learner.


'At Toolangi Primary School we offer a variety of curriculum-based specialists programs'.

Performing Arts

Children participate in whole school music sessions 3 times a week. They each work with children of a different age, skill, and maturity. Children learn and practice patience, perseverance, leadership, and problem solving through the various tasks and activities they take part in. In a recent survey of children's response to music classes the data consistently showed children love music at TPS because they can be themselves.

Music performance is an integral part of celebration at TPS. Children and the community look forward to Harvest Festival, Winter Solstice, Graduation, and Christmas Concerts as annual features of performance within the music program. Song, dance, drama, and orchestra are highlighted at these events as milestones to mark the passing of each year.  In between, opportunities to share music include Mothers Day events, impromptu performances for visitors and staff, ANZAC Day ceremonies, assemblies, and community events.


Science - Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden program at Toolangi PS enables all children to develop practical skills, whilst learning about natural science in an authentic setting. An early introduction to science practice and questioning helps students to make critical observations and healthy decisions.

Students are encouraged to explore their environment, looking at natural processes through inquiry learning and dynamic instruction. Understanding basic science facts - such as life cycles, how materials behave, ecosystems, and decay processes - allows children to connect and expand on their learning. 

All children participate in paddock-to-plate food production and healthy nutrition awareness.


They are able to showcase their products and share their understanding at community events. Learning through wonderment builds on a child’s natural curiosity. This connection to our environment is a fundamental step towards respectful global stewardship.


Physical Education 

Physical Education provides our students with the opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills through participating in a variety of sports, explicit skill-based lessons with a focus on fitness and coordination.  Students also learn cooperation and social skills including playing fairly, sharing, and developing skills in fairness, inclusivity, and good sportsmanship.  Our PE program extends to Interschool activities including swimming, sports expos, cross country runs, archery, athletics, and snow skiing trips to Lake Mountain.  As a result of a successful Sporting Schools grant, our students participate in tennis and gymnastics lessons taught by specialized  instructors.

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Mobile Area Resource Centre (MARC) Program

MARC program provides our students with access to a broader range of texts and educational resources.  Our MARC teacher is Joel Fisher and he visits our school once a week to provide a  literacy-based program and an opportunity for students to borrow resources from the MARC van library.  

The MARC program is committed to working collaboratively with our school to increase opportunities for students to share in programs that will improve learning outcomes and engagement in relevant curriculum areas.

In addition to the weekly MARC program, our students also have an opportunity to participate in a ‘virtual book club’ to share experiences, knowledge, and learnings associated with specific texts.  This is a great opportunity to collaborate and socialize with other students in our network.

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Toolangi Primary School

Every child by name and need

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