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Meet our Staff

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Sally Herbert


Hi everyone!  My name is Sally Herbert and I am the Principal of Toolangi PS. I am indeed privileged to work at our incredible school as the students, staff and families are fabulous.  I am lucky to have such an amazing learning setting with incredible school grounds. 


I am very familiar with the area as I grew up in Yea. I love the small school environment and all the possibilities it has to offer our students.Our vision at TPS is to promote academic excellence through individualised teaching and learning and these are the leadership principles that I stand by.  

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Sophie Fothergill

Junior class teacher/
Visual Arts teacher

My name is Sophie Fothergill and I am lucky enough to teach the junior class and run the art program at Toolangi PS.  

I have lived in the area for most of my life and I fell in love with small schools and Toolangi P.S during my teacher training many years ago. There are many things I love about teaching at T.P.S but my favourite thing would have to be the small class sizes. This means that I really get to know each of the children very well and can very easily tailor my lessons to meet each childs needs and learning style.


Amanda Hull

Senior class teacher/
PE teacher/

Hi, I’m Amanda Hull and it is my great pleasure to be a teacher at Toolangi Primary School. I wear a number of different hats at various times during the week including PE teacher, tutor and classroom teacher. I am also on hand as the relief teacher.


I feel privileged to be entrusted with the education and care of the beautiful young people whose families choose our school. My husband and I have brought up our four children amongst the tall trees on the mountain, and value the great benefits that come from a small school education. I consider myself very fortunate to work in Toolangi’ s unique school grounds; alongside passionate colleagues; surrounded by inquisitive, kind children and their supportive families.


Julia Holmes

Kitchen Garden/
Science Teacher

I’ve been working on the kitchen garden project at Toolangi, since it began about nine years ago. In that time it has evolved to include much of the science curriculum, which we explore by investigating nature. Our extensive garden allows for hands-on learning for all our students, who help to grow, harvest and cook seasonal produce whilst learning about natural processes and gaining life-long skills.


In my spare time I like to grow mushrooms, keep bees, distill perfume, make preserves and throw pottery on a wheel. I have always enjoyed understanding processes from scratch in order to create something. This passion for grass-roots knowledge transfers to the way I teach and learn with the children. 

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Ashleigh Katsi

LOTE: Japanese

My name is Ashleigh Katsi, the students call me ‘Katsi Sensei’ as I teach Japanese at Toolangi Primary School.

I love teaching Japanese; teaching Japanese is not only about teaching the language but also the cultural difference and opening up students’ views of the world.

I use a number of methods to keep the learning experience fun and aid in the student’s ability to remember new vocabulary and phrases. We play games, sing songs and use sign language. Students love learning some AUSLAN signs while simultaneously learning the word in Japanese.

It is a pleasure to watch students’ progress with their Japanese skills.

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Kathryn Vine

MARC teacher

My name is Kathryn Vine and I am the MARC (Mobile Area Resource Centre) Teacher at Toolangi Primary. 


I am passionate about helping students develop a love of reading and enjoy helping students choose books from the MARC Van each week.


Robyn Tymms

Business Manager

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Toolangi Primary School

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